Advantages over men

Advantages over men

We all know that God made a man first as a sketch, a rehearsal, and a woman was his perfection.

So what are those advantages over man, about which a real woman should never stop reminding herself?

Women’s character is a store of virtues. Women love to make an impression, but they’re never as showing off as man are. The reason is that females know that there are no real results on the surface. So while a man gets a vision of having what he wants, a woman gets what she wants. But still she’s so selfless, so self-sacrificing. Yes, she will sacrifice everything to get what she needs. The question is only in methods of approaching to the aim, and what those methods are like.

What does everybody like females for? They are so nice, sweet, kind, charming and whatever. But if she treats you kindly, it doesn’t mean a woman is weak. Women can’t pretend to be as physically strong as men are, but the real power is in her mind. So woman’s working policy implies being nice and cunning, but never aggressive and pushy.

Women are so delicate and considerate. They feel people and very often know how to go round those plenty underwater reefs of male’s character, avoiding nervous and noisy scandals. She will never say or do a thing that can accidentally hurt someone; the exception is when she wants it to hurt. Women know even how to criticize a person with such charming a smile, so that a person will get the meaning of the words only later on.

The opinion that females can’t hold their tongues is wrong. Yes, they love chattering and gossiping, but always know what can be blabbed out, and what should be kept secret; they skillfully practice an art of never turning red at the sudden appearance of an object of gossips.

Females can be very successful, but they’re rarely boastful of their results. They don’t need anyone’s approval or admiration of their being so clever and professional – women are quiet assured in that without any other proofs.

A female never claims to leadership – she lets a man be a King. She’s gracious enough not to let him know who the prime-minister is. But that doesn’t mean she lies to a men all the time, she just conceals some secondary facts in order to save the balance. Women are sincere in everything they do. Even when she tells lies – and you can be sure it’s only for the better– she’s so sincere that she almost believes it herself.

Also women are much more faithful than men, they never cheat; but if they do – how can anyone blame them and tell a woman she was wrong? Women stays innocent and charming in her innocence till the very end. Lust, sins, and vices – a woman stays away from all these horrible things! Blame it all on men. In fact, mistakes are man’s privilege.

Who says that women are less proficient in exact sciences? Mathematics is too abstractive to interest a woman, but all females are professors in economics – they know how to count money, especially men’s. A female is always aware of man’s financial affairs. Women can even allow themselves being generous. A female is never out of money, because she always has a man to turn to.

So do you still think that men are more advantageous in this life?  Remember a woman isn’t weak or incapable. She just is not fond of doing the work that should be done by men.