At his place

At his place

In the men-women relationships happen not only huge mistakes that finally lead to the catastrophes. There are also some small errors that are committed by both sides.

A woman sometimes commits some of those errors at her man’s place. If he’s a normal guy he won’t get mad, you may not even understand what’s really wrong about what you’ve done. But those small mistakes, especially if they are plenty are very annoying. It won’t demand much effort to avoid them but will show some respect to him and the place of his inhabitance.

First of all you should always remember that his place is a man’s place – this means that there aren’t supposed to be any sings of a woman. He won’t be much excited to come once to his own bathroom and find there the ranks of yours bottles, pots and tubes with the magical cremes, masks, gels and etc. Yes, all this stuff makes your beauty shine and he definitely loves the results but never interested in measures. The same thing with all the eye-shadows, lip-sticks and especially with the pantyliners. Leave all these things for you bag and apartment, try not to leave the traces of you. This stuff is supplying your everyday existence but he doesn’t want to know about it and frankly speaking doesn’t have to.

Another thing is that you shouldn’t rummage about his stuff. And do you really want to play detective? Who knows what he hides there? Do you really want to make an inventory of his porno-videos and magazines? On the other hand you make accidentally touch or move the things that have sacral meaning for him.  And the rag of an indefinite color could be a scarf given him on his tenth birthday by his beloved mother.

The next point naturally following the previous one is that shouldn’t ever try to clean up his mess. By the way what’s mess for you for him can be a perfect order or the most comfortable environment. And with the garbage you may throw away some “very necessary things”. Probably he hasn’t used them for ages or even forgotten about their existence but the moment you throw them away they turn to be treasures. Also the vacuum cleaner in your hands can give you a mommy-look or which is worse a wife-look. So you’d better not shock him with such a view.

Also you shouldn’t discuss that mess with him neither raise the question of the disadvantages of his apartment. You may admire the style of his place and the way it’s decorated as much as you want or can but never criticize. It’s his castle or resort, he’s the one and only master in here and who are you to judge? Well if you have the tones of delicacy and a diploma of a professional decorator you may offer yourself to make a couple of notes or to give a piece of advice, but be very careful. If you step into his place for the first time mind that the expression on your face can say some things you’d better conceal.

If he has invited you for a self-cooked dinner than you probably will be fed up. In case it’s his first kitchen experience hope for the best but prepare for the worst – bring something eatable with you. Just in case. If he hasn’t invited be ready to find nothing but a stale slice of yesterdays’ pizza in his refrigerator. Whatever it’ll be this time your mistake would be to expect much. If he’s invited your for a movie – well you make hope for a fresh pizza and probably some beer but not for a movie. At least you will never know if the main hero has finally saved the world or not .

If you, starving, have found some food at his kitchen think twice if you are so really starving because a) it may not be very fresh and b) he’s left that for himself. Remember that you’re not at a family house where everyone’s leaving the last slice for the others –  your boyfriend will remember the last bottle of beer drunk by you for some really long time.

So every woman visiting her man’s place should see it as some enemy’s disposition and act carefully not too make some strategic mistakes. Man’s apartment is a place where most of the woman’s rules of housekeeping don’t work and she shouldn’t try to reform it.