It's high time to break up

It's high time to break up

In ideal world people, who love each other, either long for being together, or they don’t – anyway, they experience the same feelings. Should one grow cold towards his/her partner, or become enamoured of him/her, another one should manage to catch and to understand this. But if one meets stumbling-blocks in coexistence with a partner, that means he/she just keeps off conversations about ending a relationship and ignores break up signs. Being blind in love relationship, people often lose their ability to feel the real threat. Actually, there are several reasons for making haste to discreet relationship break up:

1. Verbal signs or 10 main phrases one would never like to had slipped from dearly-beloved lips:
- We need to talk seriously;
- You are like a sister/brother for me;
- I don’t love you any more;
- It’s not your fault. I’m the one to blame;
- I think we would better be friends;
- Do you remember when I’ve said everything is all right? I’ve lied.
- Do you really want to know why I go out to dinner with my assistant?
- You’ve never made me hot;
- Have you always been such a bore?
- Give me back my keys.

These words hurt and make us lose the last hope. Moreover, they might be the certain signs of ending a relationship.

2. Have you ever asked yourself about the reason for keep on dating someone you don’t care at all? Appearance? Opportunity to make a career? No way. Remember that unhealthy and bad relationships result from the lack of respect. As one gives a damn for his/her partner, he/she gets into a jam. It would become a heavy burden and would finally lead to ending a relationship.

3. Unhealthy abusive relationship is one of the most forcible arguments to break up. A negative reaction to your partner’s presence, lasting uncomfortable feeling, violent quarrels, unwillingness to express one’s feelings and thoughts, lack of humor and sex drive, could be explained as an absolute relationship incompatibility. Should one feel unwell near his/her partner, ending a relationship would be a must.

4. Is it possible to save relationship when the love has gone? Definitely, it is not. There’s no sense to keep on moving together hand in hand, due to some features that suit one another. Sooner or later one would approach to ending a relationship, since living without love appears to be unbearable.

5. Disparateness in values and objectives of the partners lead up relationships into a blind alley. One has no good reason to make the date dance to his/her tune. Insisting on his/her doing a good turn to you, diverting a partner from his/her job and activities, being intrude in telephone calls and senseless talks, you push the lover to ending a relationship with you.

6. It is no wonder that our friends’ and family support helps to survive in the most tangled situations. When the lover becomes an obstacle between you and your relatives, stripping you of the contact with other people, he/she steals your complementary burst of energy and your independence. As a result, you changes into a lonesome wanderer, losing significance of existence. Nip it immediately in the bud even by means of ending a relationship at all! You are worth being truly loved.