Building relationships

Building relationships

While building relationships with women, men usually pass over in silence the question about peculiarities of their behavior. This is an omission that might hardly be excused. Understanding what a girl wants will help to avoid false prejudices and considerable amount of mistakes in communication with her.

Secret #1. Building relationships with a woman, you need to get used that a stream of her thoughts never sticks to a straight line. While narrating, woman keeps to the point in the very beginning, and then she is sure to change the course. Arm yourself with patience and listen until the end of the story. You should never interrupt a girl, because she is trying to introduce the whole vivid picture of events. It is unlikely to be a lack of intelligence . on the contrary, woman is a master of narrative genre.

Secret #2. Women change their opinion easily. They are building relationships on trust, that.s why they possess a unique feature of discussing various problems with other people, before they come to the final decision. It seems somehow to be a sign of flippancy, although women are just guided by their common sense.

Secret #3. Women appreciate sensitivity. If you.d like to succeed in building relationships with a woman, show her your tears in all sincerity. Girls suppose that sensitivity is an expression of true feelings and sympathy.

Secret #4. It has never been a secret that all women are liable to shopping addiction. Buying new clothes, they are sure of acquiring necessary tools, which make them more attractive for their partners. Cultivating this addiction they will never be able to cope with, you will resolve one of the most important difficulties of relationships building.

Secret #5. Women feel guilty for being furious. Their anger is characterized as a succession of short outbursts. They try to deter aggression and feel uneasy when it comes out. Learn to forgive woman on the initial stage of building relationships, and she will apologize, even being convinced of the truth of her words.

Secret #6. Woman needs man.s support. Compliments would never be enough for a girl. Deep inside her soul, she becomes more self-confident, as you are declaring her appearance, abilities and beauty.

Secret #7. Every woman still is a little girl. She wishes she could be surrounded by your attention and be treated like a princess. Women would laugh and cry, demonstrating you their emotional cocktail. Appreciate their charm as an ability to be childish and wise at the same time.

Secret #8. Women are ambitious. They try to reach a longed-for aim, using all possible means and methods. Even building relationships, they follow closely the axiom that all is fair in love and in war.

Secret #9. Woman is usually the first to argue. She considers you should share your thoughts and feelings. She wants to know everything done and seen, and what planning to do and to see. Otherwise, your girl feels sad. Attitude means, not words; bilateral exchange of information in building relationships process means twice as much for women.

Secret #10. Women consider flirt to be an evidence of man.s interest, a prelude, a first step to relationship development. If a girl happened to like someone, whose serious intentions are under doubt, he would definitely get the sack from her. No one would like to be a plaything in someone.s strange hands. Look before you leap when you start building relationships, but having leapt never look back.

Secret #11. Women are really good at driving. According to the latest researches made, women usually get men ahead in passing driving tests; women break the rules of the road and pay fines rarely. So one would better stop joking about female drivers with the tongue in his cheek.

Secret #12. Have you ever noticed that women remember all the details of any event, especially while arguing over the problem of building relationships? Actually, they keep in mind every face, every gesture, every word and every deed for a long time, so that men should put up with their complete failure in the issue.