Difficulty in communication between men and women is a well-known fact, bringing up the reasons for the battle of sexes. Basing on experience of professional consultants, we have found out a very interesting, though an easy answer: Why men and women can’t do with each other in business and private life? The answer is - they are not able to communicate in proper way.

Couples break up their relationships (even long-term) easily just because they lack mutual understanding. Failure of keen and strong sexual desire means that love has died as well.
Many couples would hardly like to discover the main plausible reason of misunderstandings and quarrels.

Common, but sometimes hidden problems and a good piece of advice are presented here for you to improve communication with the opposite sex.

All changes are for the better
Whether one believes in it or not, but all that he/she needs to make the relationships healthier is just to learn how to communicate.  At first, one should find out what is the difference between sexes, and then try to learn so–called sore spots that we (purposely or non purposely) touch, hurting each other. Coping with these two points sometimes requires reconsidering the model of behavior in general for adult person.

Why should you change?
One is most likely to reject the idea of changing himself/herself, appealing to the following forcible arguments: Why should I behave another way? This is me, no matter whether you like me or not. Before thinking this idea over yet again, ask yourself a simple question: do you still want to know how to communicate? The methods, given below, will prove their effectiveness in practice only in case you accept them implicitly.

Find common interests:
If you don’t share each other’s interests or have nothing to talk about, you will be bored to death being together. Try to take a step forward to improvement of your relationships by changing the situation to uniting your interests. For example, one weekend you may do what your partner is interested in, and the next weekend you will do what is interesting for you. Don’t forget to talk. It is a good way to expand the interest area through the interests, typical for your partner.

Don’t transform dialogue into monologue
Men are used to soliloquize, especially while talking to women. Women – on the contrary – ask too many questions, change subjects of conversation frequently, tell long and intricate stories.  Making an attempt to carry on a dialogue with your partner, listen carefully, speak distinctly and steadily.  Don’t speak too much about yourself, ask “free questions” that imply the answers “yes” or “no”. Communication is an equal interchange of views, which further an opportunity to understand your interlocutor sooner and better.

Listen and watch carefully
Verbal contact is a very important aspect of communication. Women are better listeners than men; in the course of conversation they smile pleasantly and nod, even though they don’t share the partner’s opinion. Such a manner won’t help to begin and develop a real contact between the interlocutors.  You’d better show your feelings and emotions, but at the same time be polite and reserved, even if you totally disagree with the interlocutor.  Being interrupted by the partner (what can be more irritating), ask him/her politely to let you finish expressing your point of view. If words don’t work, attract the attention by touching mildly his/her arm.

Don’t interrupt people
Catch the general idea of the partner’s speech, do not correct his/her point of view. In order to cope with it try to do the following exercise: breathe in, outwind and then breathe out slowly, giving your interlocutor an opportunity to conclude the idea. Or even bite your tongue - sounds funny and strange? But it works!

Speak so that to be heard
Mind the sound of your voice, make it pleasant, reach and deep. Try to do the following exercises:
-breathe in and try to say a few words while breathing out,
-tighten the muscles of your belly and relax them when you begin to talk.