Communication with women

Communication with women

The article presented appeals mostly to attention of men. Communicating with women, the stronger sex representatives should be guided by the following 15 “never” rules.

1. Never tell a woman there are no people impossible to be replaced.

2. Never make compliments concerning her appearance during the talk over the phone.

3. Never lie on trifles. Save the forces for an emergency occasion..

4. If you have any unnecessary things, never throw them away. Give this prerogative to a woman, presenting her all the odds and ends.

5. Don’t ask her opinion on the issue, she will tell you anyway; moreover, every time her attitude towards the problem will be different.

6. Try to avoid suddenness. Remember that the best surprise for a woman is something you told her last month, and continue repeating every day.

7. Never let her think that you can do anything about the house.

8. Never call a woman by her name, you are likely to make a mistake.

9. Never send her to buy beer - she won’t go anyway.

10.  Never offer airtight and logical arguments - she will consider you to be an idiot.

11.  Never make dubious compliments.

12. Never be over head and ears in love with a woman. It might become a bad habit, like a cigarette.

13.   Never tell her she is the best woman you have ever met. She won’t believe it. If she does, she will try to find someone better for herself.

14.  Never explain why you love her - she will misunderstand; furthermore, she may take offence.

15. Never show a fit of weakness. Dear male reader, remember: there are a lot of women and you are the only one.