Female mistakes

Female mistakes

So girls are from Venus and boys are from Mars. We are from different planets and met on Earth occasionally. Men think that all women are different and there is no way to understand them. Women think that all men are the same, and there is no way to change them. Men are trying to understand women, and women are trying to change men. As a result, we barely understand each other. It would be better for us to admit that listening to ourselves and each other we can try to avoid some serious relationship mistakes. Finally, both men and women do make mistakes.

Those typical female may seem very obvious and simple - we’ve read about them, we’ve heard about them - but we’ve never supposed it is all about us. Maybe that’s the worst female mistake.

So what are the reasons for the ship to start going down?

Man searching a wife in the image and likeness of his mom is a notorious fact. But he needs a woman, not a second mom. He is a big boy and don’t need to be guided by any woman. Stop telling him what to do, don’t control his every step. Sooner or later even the most patient partner will be annoyed.

Men like pretty women, but that doesn't mean they have to get closely aquatinted with the things that make Cinderella a princess. A woman doesn’t have to put her make-up or do her exercises only in the state of a total secrecy, but still all those thick green and read masks on a face don’t excite any man. It’s a mistake not to accept the fact that a man is scarcely interested in all those female creams, scrubs, masks, anti-cellulite gels; he won’t ask how your diet is going, or whether you think that hair balsam is right for his type of hair. Don’t even try to pull him into all this stuff. A woman should be already grateful for him to notice positive results of all those beauty procedures.

Another female mistake is to close the eyes on those little flaws in relationships that grow day by day. That kind of negligence can turn once passionate love into everyday routine, when two people simply don’t notice each over anymore.

Lots of problems and mutual mistakes come from the bedroom. He wants sex - she wants romantics, which she thinks sex is. She makes too many rituals, while he wants it quick and simple; or he wants sex, while she wants something high and spiritual.

Another female mistake is made by some mothers, while they give affection, care and attention to a child, forgetting all around. So they run risks to wake up for a moment from their motherhood and find out that something wrong is happening to their husbands.

One more naive female mistake, not very harmful but yet unpleasant, is that women take man’s impudence to ignore them as a personal offence.
Women don’t like to admit their being wrong. The man is always the one to blame.
They set the rules, so they should pay for everything that goes out of order.

In the age of the established feminism and the victory of sexual revolution men and women are equal in both making mistakes and paying for them.  If a woman considers a man to be guilty of making a mistake – it means she has given him a huge part of her own life responsibility.

Frequently a woman is afraid of analyzing her female mistakes, because deep inside her soul she’s scared to find out a number one female mistake – she has chosen the wrong man.