Love relationships

Love relationships

There are many different types of relationships that connect people, it can be business relations, friendly relations, relative relations, neighbour relations and etc. The love relationships are the most complicated, most troublesome and most pleasant ones.

Different people pass a longer or a shorter way from the beginning to the end of love. Every couple would like that they are the unique ones, and of cause the love relationships between different people are very different too but still couple has something in common. and people who have had a few lasting relationships would agree with that.

Everything starts when a man and a woman get interested in each other, they fall in love, start seeing each other. Every new romantic date brings something new and exciting, they learn more and more about each other, but still see mostly positive side and don’t pay much attention to the flows of each other. With every single meeting they fall more and more one into another, call every hour just to say how are you. Their souls are filled with the strongest and brightest emotions, their eyes see the world in the pink colour, their mind is blacked out. By that first time love gives them the wings to fly, the strength to do very crazy things and the will to conquer the world and to lay at the feet of their lover.

This happy and charming period beginning of love relationships has been inspiring poets, painters and other artists to create their best works. By this time the most gloomy sceptics turn into dreamer and romantics.

Some people even get married in this period. And many of these marriages are rather happy because by this time lovers listen only to their hearts and intuition and yet don’t let  mind with it’s logic and blurred ideals, parents, friends and etc get in the way. The only thing lovers know than is that they want to fall asleep in the arms of each over and the first thing they want to in the morning is the faces of one another.

After a while the euphoria calms down, the feelings still stay deep but much more calm and stable. Lovers take off the pink ribbon from the eyes and start seeing each other as they are for real. And if the intuition and heart hasn’t deceased them they still like what they see although the picture is a little bit different and not so flawless.

Lovers turn to be not only the best and the only one for another but they become the real friends trustful and understanding, the first they can turn to in any trouble, always ready to listen and to help. By the way not very many couples have that real friendship and more over that faithfulness. People having short and light love affairs usually understand them as some kind of entertainment and let their partner only into some small part of their lives. But when speaking of  love relationships in which the true deep feelings are involved the situation is quiet different.

The stable and happy relationships of this period can last for a few years. Most people get married or start living together by that time and if they do this love relationships can become than one true love of a life. If something gets in the way and it doesn’t happen or people still continue only going out with each other – the relations slowly start to fade.

The sparkles of the initial feeling between them become more and more rare, they don’t work on the relationships anymore, thinking this comfortable state will last forever. Lovers don’t find it necessary to show and prove their feelings over and over again staying sure that everything possible is already said and done. They become more and more lazy in their love, another interests and even people start playing the main role in their lives. It all takes time, this situation develops little by little. And them one day you one partner finds out that he/she’s too tired to go out on a date this evening. Love isn’t gone yet but no one expects anything surprises or wonder from it so one more evening without the partner won’t change anything. And once of  the lovers will raise the head and suddenly see that there’s nothing left to call love.

This is what can be said in general about the way the love relationships go (mind that it all doesn’t refer to the relationships based on sexual attraction, obsession or any self-interest; it’s all about the way love goes). Every couple has something special about them but still there are some problems, questions and choices that neither of them can avoid.