Relationship problem

Relationship problem

Have you ever been cursed in the choicest language by someone you love dearly? Should one suffer from such a treatment, he would experience serious relationship problem. Strange though it may seem, the one you have a soft spot for, might be able to make your whole world turn upside down; he/she doesn.t let you show your worth; he/she makes your relations as painful as possible. That is called the phenomenon of .toxic relationship..

If one would like to find out whether his/her relationships with partner are toxic, he/she should try to answer the following questions below:

Do you often meet a relationship problem of taking offence at your partner for his criticizing or reproaching you in aggressive tone of voice?

Are you vulnerable to emotional and physical stress with your partner?

Do you feel sad and depressed, while communicating with him/her?

Have you ever had an aversion for sexual contacts with your partner?

Do you often burst into sudden rage when you spend time together?

Do you feel a sense of relief when your date is over?

Have you ever had an intention to break up with your present lover?

Have you ever experienced or used physical violence towards him/her?

Do you have a relationship problem of not being able to live at your full potential with your partner?
In case, if the overwhelming majority of your answers are positive, you need to admit to have entered into toxic relationship. It.s up to you, whether to put an end or to try to work the relationship problem out. Having made your choice in favor of fight against toxic relationship, try to single out possible sources of this relationship problem. Here are some of them:

Frequently, people hold inside negative attitude towards their partners of the opposite sex, due to painful recollections of relationship problem between their parents.

One might introduce one-time negative experience to his/her now relationships.

Envy would arouse emulative spirit and lead to desire of manipulating your partner, instead of admiring and supporting him/her.

Lack of mutual respect and self-reliance results in our willingness to be smitten with love for .bad. guys and girls.
Having analyzed signs and reasons of relationship problem, move forward to it.s settling.

Concentrate on your relationship problem, don.t halt half way through.

One would better mind his/her words and intonation in communication with someone he/she loves. Refrain from making offensive remarks, don.t threaten each other.

You should tender an apology if wrong. Try to solve a relationship problem with the aid of letting out your true feelings.

Never abuse or torture your partner in any way. Avoid meeting those encounters, who force you to act in a nasty manner.

Make an effort to look at relationship problem from another angle.
One should always keep in mind the article he/she has read to prevent relations from anger and resentment.