What turns women on

What turns women on

What thing do usually turn a woman on? There’s a well-known list of such things like beautiful body, low sexual voice, strong arms and etc. But there are some not ordinary things about men that turn women on. So what are those singularities that get some women excited and the other women surprised that the first are excited?

Do you like man’s first name or surname? You think that it sounds so magically beautiful that the one who bears it can’t be an ordinary man, and everything he does is supposed to be fantastic.

He’s got a foreign name, an aristocratic surname or something and you have just a name or just a surname probably the same with thousands of other people. Probably you expect that this man will get you attached to something that you’ve been always deprived of. Well in the most cases is not much better or worse than others by go on try it yourself to get sure.

Maybe you loose your head when you see some magical combination of figures in his phone, car or any other number?

These are exactly the figures you like, it must be a sign of destiny that he’s appeared on your life way. Probably you are a fan of numerology, you think that mathematics has no idea of the real importance of numbers and figures it operates with, probably they’re the signs of upper forces making living in this world a little less complicated. Well it’s up to you to believe but don’t close the eyes on the other but the numbers features of that guy.

Do you like his signature or hand writing? You aren’t the only one. The explanation of this singularity is rather simple. You are sure that the way he right tells a lot about his true character and that you can read that character in his signature. You may go and try to check up if any of your versions is true.

Does his foreign accent, profession, hobby or any exotics thing he keeps, likes and does? You are definitely a hunter for exotics. You are probably displeased with your own life and think it’s one of a kind, very ordinary and boring. He brings new emotions and impressions into you life, he’s like a breath of a fresh air to you.

That’s very understandable but be careful with the crocodile he keeps in his bathroom.

Do you like the defects of his speech or his bandaged arm, leg or probably a broken nose? These are the mothers instincts speaking in you. You want to take care of him, you pity him.
Maybe it’s his glasses, earring, any other piercing or accessories that really turn you on? You start feeling hot at the moment the things a man with the pierces nipple can do in bed. Well this is a kind of fetishism but for you it’s so really exciting. Probably your either like all the romantic attributes of sex like candelas and aromatic oil, cream and strawberries, playing role games.

Or do you like that he’s left-handed or the shape of his ears or hands? Maybe that’s just a type of man you prefer, you are very original in the criterions of your choice but that your right – some women can’t resist blue-eyed blondes and that’s considered normal. Maybe you think that all the left-handed people are outstanding people and nothing turns you on more than the thought of how talented that man is. Maybe you had some man with the same shape of ears before and only following the signals of your past at the present moment. It’s only you who can tell for sure.

Do you like the way he’s doing hard physical work or on the opposite maybe you like that he looks and smells like candy? It’s normal for all women to get excited from the men who look masculine, and that’s how he looks when she chops and saws firewood for example. A candy-man is a type of a feminine man and very possible a gay-men. Or maybe he just a metrosexual that looks after himself. Then a woman should decide if a man who spends on the cosmetics even more money than she does is so attractive for her.

One more case is when you like a man doing housework. Of course it’s not a apron on him that is so exiting for you but the care and love you see in this will to help.

Summing it all up one could say that some things about men that turn some women up are really singular and a little bit freaky, others are quite understandable, but all those of them can be called right in case they make a woman feel happy and satisfied.