A woman he needs

A woman he needs

He needs a housekeeper in the kitchen, a lady in public, a partner in work, a friend in troubles and a porno-star in the bedroom.

The most funny thing is that very often men don’t understand that all these different identities couldn’t survive in a body of one woman. They often forget that a modern woman doesn’t stand in the shadow of her man any longer, and doesn’t consider her only aim to help him and to serve his interests. So this – I want it all and I want it now – doesn’t work. Each man has to find out his own priorities in the relationships with the opposite sex.

So he needs an understanding, loyal friend. He likes to talk about his interests, ideas and projects. He’d like to have a passionate listener who will look at him with admiring and understanding eyes, catching his every single word, sharing every thought. Women do know how to play a role of such a listener. The main thing is to make those passionate eyes, the rest is not so important. She may not even try to understand what he’s talking about, but he’ll be sure that he has finally met a soul mate. This misunderstanding can last for while, until they both find out whether they really share the same ideas, or the woman is simply trying to manipulate, while the man is listening only to himself.  His disappointment to reveal the truth can be enormous. But it’s partly his own fault. A dialogue supposes two persons participating in the talk.

Family is a shelter, where self-assurance is being grown and cultivated. A man need that kind of a faithful woman that will provide comfort to his house, remind him restlessly that he’s the best, and that everything will work out just the way he is planning it. But if woman dares to express her own point of view on man’s business and projects, he’ll probably cease the very first attempt because, he needs nothing more than approval.

Nowadays modern women work so that they have enough problems and interests of their own. Both men and women are supposed to look for a new ground for communicating, because that patriarchal family model has almost ruined.

Another type of a suitable female partner for a man is a sexual, charming and attractive woman. All men like beautiful gorgeous women. The problem is that dazzling image and long red nails have nothing in common with cooking, cleaning and washing.

Every time a man chooses a woman is an unpredictable game of chance, tastes, characters and feelings, of course.