Women & relationships

Women & relationships

Love is everything in a life of a woman. Failed to be successful in his professional sphere, a man at the moment can’t think about his relationships; on the contrary, a woman, having serious problems with her love affair, can’t concentrate on her job. Either agreeing with these statements or not, you can’t deny the fact that love and relationships are the huge part of a woman’s life. Exceptions are very few.

It all starts in the early childhood. Girls play dolls, marrying them, creating toy families; they play in mothers and daughters. Later girls start to dream of a beautiful white bride’s dress; they’re trying to catch the bouquet on the weddings of their elder relatives and friends. Their favorite topic for discussion are boys, they imagine a magnificent first date, a romantic first kiss, a perfect boyfriend, an ideal husband and a happy family.

Girls fall in love for the first time, and there starts the saga named “women and relationships”. Each girl thinks that she’s the unique one, the happiest or the most miserable. It doesn’t matter in fact, because love stories repeat the same scripts for every woman. Girls fall in and out of love, change boyfriends, making the same mistakes, blame it all on men.

When a woman starts new relationships with a man, she seems to play the main role. Men are obsessed with passionate attempts to get aquatinted with an object of adoration, but in course of time female happens to get too much attached to a partner, complaining of his not giving flowers or paying that tender attention anymore. A man has finally won his woman - she’s calling him everyday; turning for help, advice and understanding; she’s asking in a weepy voice “don’t you love me anymore?” - so does he still have to claim his individual property? His own logic says he doesn’t. Women and their relationships are the great encyclopedia of mistakes. Women tend to forget that the less they show their affection, the more they are appreciated by their second halves.
Women and relationships tell an endless story of a constant search for the Ideal Man that – and that’s proved by science – doesn’t exist.  As a result, women try to change male dates in a way to meet their innocent dreams of Mr. Prince Charming on a White Horse. Usually, it never works - he gets annoyed, she gets disappointed.

We all should remind ourselves from time to time that we’re living in the real world, both men and women aren’t perfect, we have our bad habits and sins, some positive or negative past experience, our fears and complexes. While building relationships we have to deal with all that in each other. The love and relationships are never what women or men want them to be. Favorable outcome leads to compromises, dismal end – to everlasting cold war.