Women choosing men

Women choosing men

Who’s choosing whom? We are used to think that it’s men who choose. They usually first start an acquaintance with a woman, ask he for a phone number, call her first, offer to go out together and etc. The most obvious sign, as it seems, that it’s a woman who waits for a man to make her a proposal. At that is the order verified by ages.

Still the scientists claim that the situation can be a little different in the reality. They say that the woman makes her choice more carefully and attentively than a man. She’s more capricious and fastidious while searching for a partner. A woman looks first at man’s social status, his financial affairs. She need not a person to watch and admire but a partner to rely on. Men as everybody knows it love with the eyes. So the beauty and the sexuality of a woman is more important for. Of course later he will have to deal with her character but he isn’t looking that far while a woman is from the beginning orientating on a long-lasting relationships. By the way there’s also an opinion that women are better socially adapted than men.

Both men and men claim that the character of a potential partner is more important for them than the appearance, but on the first date men still get attracted with the beauty of women while women are trying to find out who that man is really are.

The explanation of this lays in the evolutionary history. Women were risking much more when choosing a partner and had to be more attentive making her choice. After having sex man could always get up and leave and a woman could get pregnant. So a woman is historically orientated on a choosing a man to build a family with. Nowadays the situation is of course quite different, women are more independent and the process of conception is put under control but the biological nature of the humans is progressing slower than their socials one  so the instincts still play a considerable role in our lives. So a woman on a first date probably isn’t searching for a husband or any serious relations at all, but unconsciously she’s valuing any man she sees if he is valid for creating a family.

Men pay much more attention to the appearance of a woman and if she is beautiful they forget about their claims that the character of a partner is more important for them at all. The first impression from the appearance of a woman pushes away any of such thoughts as if she will be a good wife or even a girlfriend, what’s her social status and etc.

So the men are only forming a list of a candidates for a woman but she’s always the one who’s saying the final word and making a decision. Otherwise when a man likes a woman he offers himself to her as a potential partner and she sees if he’s really the one she needs.

Of course pretty and charming women have longer list of candidates and wider field for choosing and probably more problems with doing it.

By the way the psychologists who work on this theory can’t say whether the further development of the relationships depends on a woman’s choices and decisions. Probably a little later when a man starts thinking with his head they both start playing the equal parts in the further relations.