Women’s friendship

Women’s friendship

Actually the point of the article is rather contradictory and complicated that’s why we decided to look at the problem through different models of relations between married and unmarried women and present you vivid examples, to show pros and cons of such relations. Read and decide by your own, if you need it or not.

Special cases: I don’t want either a cat or a dog
Two women – an unmarried and married one were sincere and caring friends, you would never see one of them without the other. it irritated the husband of the married woman, he called he friend – the dog. And it was really so! The two women were playing different parts – one of them  - the part of the favorite dog, another one – that of the dog’s owner. Is that a true friendship for an unmarried woman? Analyse your relations with your married friend and don’t be afraid to break up that friendship if you are not satisfied with such situation.

Marriage is good, but freedom is better.
Once a while even a successful, self – sufficient woman feels a strong desire to get married. If you have the dilemma what is better:  marriage or personal freedom, go to house of your married friend. The dreary and depressing stories about the “ niceties” of family life, the sight of husband, dressed in a scruffy way, his tiresome way of treating his wife would help make your choice in favor of freedom. Though you may suppose that family life may not be so sad. Such experience will be a kind of “ vaccination against marriage.

It can be that way.
Nothing can better affect your psyche than the unhappiness of the close friend. Even if your married friend is not quite happy in her married life, still she feels her superiority over you, as you are always and everywhere lonely. She would keep telling you about her life, being sure that you are envious of her. That feeling of superiority will help her even more than the psychoanalyst. That’s why try not to be envy, even if your friend breaks with you. Think about yourself and your life, try to change something in it.

Vampire can approach you unexpectedly.
They say that it is useful to be in contact with happy families, since happiness (as well as unhappiness) is catching. People need some dopes in their lives, just to continue living. This is specially recommended for those who are still unmarried, but are eager to have a family. Caution for the happy married  - share your happiness only with those who are not eaten out by envy. Protect your happiness from envy, jealousy and spite of those who you would like to share your happiness. Remember, it is a law of nature  - the more you give the more you get.

Big hunting
 When an unmarried woman is aimed at getting married and starts hunting for a man – it is very dangerous for her friends, especially married ones. You may let her become your bosom friend, sharing your most intimate things with her. You can ruin your happiness with your own hands by letting your husband become friend with her. Not all friends are hunters, you may help her to get acquainted with some friends of your husband’s . But be careful, the instinct of a hunter is extremely dangerous.

In the field of exotica.
Sometimes quite illogical and inexplicabe things happen in life. One couple, which has been happily married for ten years, split up because of the wife’s friend. At first the three were on friendly terms. But then, much to everybody’s surprise (the husband included) the wife announced that she was going to divorce. Nothing could make her change her mind. The new couple was quite happy. And the former wife, now a successful businesswoman, seemed to be satisfied with it. There might be different reasons for such situations but they may really have positive effects.